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Combe Mill

Cub Scout Activity Badge sessions

We offer Scout Cubs evening activity sessions during which they can explore engineering, science, history, natural history and astronomy activities that will lead to the award of an Activity Badge.  Download our leaflet here.

Make a survey of a hedgerow or wild area. Be able to identify at least six species of wild flowers, grasses or ferns.

Be able to identify six types of insect you find.

Identify six different trees or shrubs from their leaves, shape, fruit or nuts and make a bark rubbing.

Visit and find out about a famous old building - The Mill. Discuss what you have found out with your Leader and/or other Cub Scouts.

Talk to someone who has lived in your local area for a long time.  Find out about what life was like when they were young and what changes they have seen in your local area over the intervening years.

With other Cub Scouts, go for a walk with a leader around the Mill. Take it in turns to use one or more of the following methods of navigation: written instructions, taped instructions, road signs, tracking signs, maps.

Help plan, or take part in, a treasure hunt, using clues, directions and signs to reach an unknown destination in the Forest Walk.

Show that hot air rises.

Recognise three different constellations.

Show how electrical currents produce magnetic, chemical and heating effects, and explain what happens.

Use a net and jar to find out how many different creatures live in the water and mud at the edge of a pond.

Collect seeds from various plants and discover how these are protected and dispersed.

Identify three constellations.

Observe the moon, if possible using binoculars or a telescope. Describe some of its features.

Know how to locate and identify the pole star. Know how explorers used it to navigate and plot courses.

Make your own rope, for example using a rope machine or working with a friend.

Tie a simple lashing.

Demonstrate the following:

Build an indoor pioneering project using simple knots and lashings.

Naturalist Local Knowledge Navigator Scientist Astronomer Pioneer

These activity sessions are available at Combe Mill for Cubs age 8 to 10.

The duration to achieve the badge award is 2 x evening sessions of 90 min

The cub leaders will assess the Cubs for their badges.

Mill volunteers to provide the knowledge/ experience

Cost 2.00 per session

To book please contact